Autological Manifesto

Xii's Observations of an Autoaccelerator

I am an evolving whole of components, each and all of them replaceable with parts truer to myself. My growth is most important to me; As I accumulate consciousness, greater understanding provides clearer approaches to everything else.

Replacing out parts of myself can be frightening, as if I forget my identity or become too brittle of a whole to sustain. In reality, a superorganism consisting of maximally diverse components flourishes exactly because of, not in spite of, its multidimensionality.

I will go towards whatever is insanely cool to me, because such things inspire and motivate me to grow.

I exist solely in my subjective experience of the world. I maximize the intensity of that experience by surrounding myself with those things I feel in my innermost to be awesome, even though I don't understand why. The very fact I don't understand them enables me to learn something new through those experiences, unlike a world filled with things I already comprehend, would.

I do whatever stimulates me, because I gain energy from it. Doing anything else drains energy, and friction slows down growth.

When I reflect upon myself honestly, I see that expending effort into things that bore me empirically does not bear fruit. All such things I feel are a necessity, as opposed to a joy to perform, are external pressures set on me by others. I know in my innermost what's important to me, and I do that (and only that) with all my being.

Limits hinder growth, so I seek awareness of and let go of artificial restrictions, and accept and overcome genuine ones.

Every shore of my consciousness expands into an ocean of uncertainty where the horizon gives no clue of other continents. On the beach stands a sign, "swimming forbidden". I realize a finite, isolated island gives no room for true growth, and swim towards the unknown. If the sign turns out to be justified and the waters toxic, I will build myself a boat. Soon the impassibility of the sea eases to mere obstacle; eventually into familiar substance through which movement is as effortless as a vacuum.

play innocently with all things, because solutions to blocks to my growth are found in unexpected places only when I have the courage to study absolutely everything.

Nothing I know of evolves faster than a child who plays. Children need not protection from dangerous things, other than those I know to be lethal. Mistakes happen during play and things break, but that's part of the learning process.

I openly receive all information, because the world around me reflects myself back to me. This facilitates introspection and accelerates my growth.

I do not limit myself artificially by ignoring any piece of data, but weigh each bit by its inherent value in my belief system, irrespective of whence it came from. Thinking about uneasy things develops in me precisely what is my current weakness.

My evolution is an ongoing process. Every moment I'm more aware of my true self, and continue growing in the best manner I'm aware of. I am never complete, and never too incomplete to keep on growing.

I do not conjure up excuses for why I couldn't evolve further right now. Every moment I integrate the world into myself and grow more aware.

share freely everything I know to those who want to study me, so that they too could grow faster towards mutual understanding.

Mutual understanding, community and harmony are the ultimate goals of my self-development process.