State the Obvious

The obvious should be stated at all times, because the probability of false assumption grows over time left unstated.

I have no idea what I'm doing, but I'm doing it anyway because it's preferable to nonexistence. I probably exist, because if I don't, who wrote this?

O Of all the forces in the universe that can and ultimately will end my existence, only a subminimal set are within my control. Worrying about things outside my control is a waste of resources, since by definition I am unable to affect them in any way. Thinking about things outside my control is resources well spent, because it provides data to all the things within my control, and could disprove my beliefs about their uncontrollability at any time.

Time wasted is impossible to recover. Wasting time worrying about time wasted is therefore a greater waste of time. Resources other than time are possible to recycle. I should periodically inventory my resources and recycle all I deem useless for the future I envision. If the actual future proves need for resources recycled in this way, I guess I'm just screwed. Better luck next time?

I I should envision a future some, not none nor all of the time. Only by envisioning a future can I meaningfully direct the universe towards it. If I spent all of my time envisioning a future, I could never meaningfully direct the universe towards it, for all meaningful direction requires time. (as in fact everything does). I have no idea what proportion of time I should spend envisioning a future, and working towards it. I don't actually know what future is, even as a concept. I literally have no concept of time. My future is my present except when it's not, and when it's not, I'm unhappy. When I think about a future, I'm actually thinking about the present; an alternate, parallel version of the universe that could be, but isn't.

Since the present is now, and all work requires time, and my future is my present, and there's no time in the present, I am literally unable to work, unless the present reflects my vision, i.e. I enjoy what I'm doing. Therefore, whatever I do, I must figure out an enjoyable way to do it, because otherwise I will not do it.

I'm enjoying writing this. If I wasn't, I wouldn't.

Existence is tolerable. Lack of enjoyment is intolerable. Enjoy existence, or die trying.

A A potential future must be compatible with the present in order to manifest. Therefore potential futures must be evaluated as if they existed in the present. Evaluating potential futures both in the present AND fantasy consumes more resources than only evaluating them in the present. Since they MUST be evaluated in the present to manifest, distant fantasies can be dropped as features of the mind entirely. Just see the world as it could be, right here, right now. All appearance of distance is an artifact of lack of knowledge.

This way of looking at the world generates excess unhappiness, as there exists no virtual paradise in my mind to escape to. Only everything as it is, could be, and isn't. It still seems more efficient to think about the universe this way, so I must find methods to cope with the excess unhappiness.

F Find an enjoyable way to find enjoyable ways to change the Universe in the here and now towards my vision. Remove all sources of unhappiness within my control from my environment (including but not limited to, clocks, intolerant people, expectations, energy-wasting internal processes). Ignore all sources of unhappiness beyond my control. Shamelessly peruse known coping methods, shamelessly explore new potential ones.

And fuck all who attempt to prevent my avoidance of unhappiness in fear of it interfering with theirs. It so mostly doesn't. Cowards.