data storage and backup strategy

5 TB is the total professional capacity I've prepared in anticipation of a lifetime of recording video and audio. It's divided into three separately encrypted volumes, replicated across disks and physical locations against data corruption, fire, and theft. Two people know the passwords; One other in case something happens to me. - Xii

Primary volume heteronucleophiles is 1 terabyte replicated across 3 disks in 2 physical locations storing mission critical data.

Secondary volume komfortablus is 2 terabytes replicated across 2 disks in 2 physical locations storing large data overflowing the primary volume, mainly video recordings.

Tertiary volume quillion is 2 terabytes not replicated storing data I can afford to lose at any time, such as low quality discarded material, and stuff available at other sources.


Our mission critical work files include some 400 music tracks, 1500 art works, 2000 videos, and 6000 photos. Excuse us for taking our time publishing it all!

My personal media collection consists of some 10 000 music tracks, 27 000 art pictures, 4000 sounds (for composing), 2000 books and scientific papers, 2000 games, 200 movies, 500 series episodes, and 200 random videos. I'm a bit of an archivist; This is a small library!

Additionally I'm shepherding backups for 7 people and 1 company (that I used to work for).