Tox the Icky Frog

Tox the icky frog
danced amidst the dimly lit cave fog.

Psychedelic trance music
helped him cure his earthly sick.

But just as all was getting well,
things took a sharp hook down to hell.

Little miss pirate had her fingers on his carry,
facial expression far too guilty to consider to marry.

Tox's shades hid his sight,
but he saw this relationship in new color full light.

Thanking god for his vibrant looks,
Tox was able to spot what cooks.
His style reflected in his facts of art,
the neon-colored glove shone bright in the dark,

purposefully left there to call attention and mark.

Both knew some thing was wrong,
Tox knew where the trust had gone.

He danced all night never still,
though this revelation made him ill;
this lady of poison pushed him a drink,
without a blink it brought him near brink
of severing forever such toxic of a link.

Resting the whole of a sunny day,
Tox processed the ins and outs of this lay.
Though charming be she may,
thievery among thieves is not okay.

She made an attempt to reconcile,
but fell asleep in her own bile
before Tox could even arrive to the hive.

"Are you mad?" she prods to question.
"Of course not." replies Tox laxed in his bastion.
Anger is madness in disguise.
Lizards of old and wise.
"I'm just cold as ice."

Prepare to say your good byes
looking Tox right in the eyes
trying not to spin any more lies.

Tox's fine friend had visited prior to defend;
master of webs the spider divined this to end.